Beyond Emergency: Shelter by Survivors

Almost a week ago, earthquakes and tsunami have hit Palu-Donggala, Indonesia.
More than 1944 people have died and 70.821 were evacuated. 231 times earthquake were still occured frequently after the first shocked.
People became have to live outside with limited shelter and unhealthy condition.

Join with us to accompany survivor in Palu-Donggala to build temporary shelter!

Arkomjogja will come to Palu and Donggala working close by the survivors based on our experiences in post-disaster relief in Aceh, Yogyakarta, Padang, and Tacloban.

With Solidarity, together we build back better for Palu-Donggala.

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The temporary shelter will be built immediately in several location, i.e:

  • Liquifaction Affected Area :
    Lore, Balaroa
  • Earthquake Affected Area :
    Labuan Manimba
  • Tsunami Affected Area :
    Wani-wani, Tawaili, Mamboro Pasar ikan

The funds raised will be used to buy iron sheets (if needed), gloves, wheelbarrows, hammers and iron spike, shovels and crowbars

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