CAN Co-Create Regional Workshop with Kampung Beting Pontianak.

Activities with the Co-Creation model are being warmly discussed in a planning process, especially planning that uses a community participatory approach. CAN (Community Architect Network) has begun to implement a planning model co-create with a workshop that was conducted at Chum Saaeng, Thailand in 2016. The co-creation applied to this process is the involvement of government, expert and community stakeholders in a process mapping / planning / designing of an area.

Two years later in November 2018, Indonesia hosted the CAN Co-Create Regional Workshop. Precisely now it is the turn of Arkom Pontianak, one of the Arkom Indonesia networks that started the process with the CO-Creation Project in Kampung Beting. This regional activity was attended by colleagues from various countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, and even Bangladesh. Not only from international participants, architects of community across the country also participated in enlivening the Kampung Beting, such as from Yogyakarta, Solo, Surabaya, Bandung, Jakarta, to Makassar.


This activity began with the introduction of all participants before coming together towards the Pontianak government and the community of Beting village in the next day. Introductory activities are also not applied in a ‘ordinary’ way, but with fun methods brought by friends from CAN Thailand.

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